The 2000 amendments to Title V of the Older Americans Act (OAA) require the Department of Labor (DOL) to develop performance measures for the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), which includes the customer satisfaction measures for each of the three customer groups: employers, host agencies, and participants.


The Host Agencies and Participant surveys are conducted annually. A sample of Host Agencies and Participants are randomly selected and surveys are sent through the mail by a third-party, independent of DOL. 

The Employer Customer Satisfaction Survey requires the SCSEP grantee to use the employer survey management report within SPARQ to identify qualifying employers for the survey.  The grantees deliver the survey to the employer. These surveys are conducted periodically throughout the grant year. 

The Employer Survey Tool Kit provides grantees with the procedures for preparing, delivering, and tracking employer surveys.  The Kit consists of eight documents that detail preparing, delivering, and tracking the employer surveys.  The form letters need to be used as written, and the talking points and instructions need to be applied with fidelity.  All grantee and sub-grantee staff involved in administering the surveys should be familiar with these documents.

SCSEP PY2018 Employer Survey Toolkit

SCSEP Participant, Host Agency, and Employer Survey Reports

The results from the participant, host agency, and employer surveys are provided to the grantees to help them identify the strengths and weaknesses of their programs and develop appropriate strategies for improving their services and meeting the specific needs of their three customer groups.

The nationwide report contains the background of each customer satisfaction survey project, the methodology employed by all grantees, an explanation of the nationwide results for each survey question, and an extended explanation of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

Host Agency and Survey Report - PY-2019

Host Agency and Survey Report - PY-2018

Host Agency and Survey Report - PY-2017

Employer Survey Report - PY-2017

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