SCSEP Performance Goals and Program Results

SCSEP Performance Goals

SCSEP Performance Results

SCSEP Participant and Host Agency Surveys

The Department of Labor (DOL) is required to develop performance measures for the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) that include the customer satisfaction measures for host agencies and participants. The host agencies and participant surveys are conducted annually. Samples of host agencies and participants are randomly selected, and surveys are sent through the mail by a third-party, independent of DOL.

SCSEP Customer Satisfaction Survey Hub

SCSEP Minority Report

The Section 515 of the Older Americans Act requires that the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) conduct an analysis of the levels of participation of and the outcomes achieved by minority individuals for each grantee by service area and in the aggregate.

This analysis looks at the participation levels and outcomes achieved by minorities for each program year (PY).

Part I of Volume I provides a comparison of the participation of minority groups in SCSEP to their proportion in the population. Part II of Volume I examines the employment outcomes of minorities in SCSEP compared to non-minorities. The detailed tables for all of the analyses are contained in Volume II.

PY 2019 Vol I (8/3/2021)

PY 2019 Vol II (8/3/2021)

PY 2018 Vol I (6/30/2020)

PY 2018 Vol II (6/30/2020)

PY 2017 Vol I (8/27/2019)

PY 2017 Vol II (7/23/2019)

The Minority Report preliminary tables comprising the Outcomes Section of Volume II of the PY 2020 Minority Report are available. Grantees can use the tables to draft the annual Grantee allotment TEGL program narrative response. The tables will be reformatted for inclusion in the final version of Volume II, but none of the data in the tables are expected to change in the last version.

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