Beginning with Quarter 4 of PY 2018 all SCSEP grantees are required to submit a WIOA Joint Quarterly Narrative Performance Report (QNPR). 

Please refer to the SCSEP Joint QNPR Instructional Guide and the fillable WIOA Joint QNPR Template links in the Related Content section to the left for guidance.

Should you have any questions please email our newly implemented SCSEP Technical Assistance email box @ and copy your FPO.

Please note that, per the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200.328), grantees must inform DOL as soon as the following types of conditions become known and should not wait for a quarterly report deadline:

  1. Problems, delays, or adverse conditions which will materially impair the ability to meet the objective of the Federal award. This disclosure must include a statement of the action taken, or contemplated, and any assistance needed to resolve the situation.
  2. Favorable developments which enable meeting time schedules and objectives sooner or at less cost than anticipated or producing more or different beneficial results than originally planned.