Use the links to the left to access the nationwide participant, host agency, and employer survey reports. The individual State and National Grantees files are also available in the .zip links to the left.


There are no grantee-level employer survey reports because no grantee had sufficient usable returned surveys.

Both participants and host agencies reports give SCSEP high scores on the American Customer Satisfaction Survey (ACSI): 82.4 for participants and also 82.4 for host agencies.  Response rates for this year were similar to last year’s but much lower than in prior years, however: 53.2% for participants and 51.9% for host agencies.  (Response rates for the host agency survey were lower among national grantees than among state grantees.) This decline in response rates may be due to the survey fatigue that affects all current polling, but it may also reflect a failure to inform participants and grantees to expect the surveys and to tell customers why the surveys are important to the grantees.

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