A reminder that your SCSEP DV samples for PY 2021 and the revised Data Validation Handbook were provided to all grantees on November 16, 2021.

The deadline to complete the PY 2021 validation is Friday, May 16, 2022.

Collecting and inputting Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) data into SPARQ is only the first step in utilizing data to improve your services and ensuring that you are on track to meet all of your program requirements. By having accurate data, that matches the same criteria as all the other SCSEP grantees, you will be able to compare your program’s progress with similar programs across the country. This analysis should help identify areas for additional oversight in collecting or entering accurate data into SPARQ. The DV Report also helps SCSEP managers and ETA staff identify areas for improvement and technical assistance.

The SCSEP Data Validation (DV) process is designed to assess the accuracy of key data elements in SPARQ used to calculate the SCSEP Quarterly Progress Reports (QPRs) by examining a sample of participant records. Grantee staff use randomly selected participant records for validation by comparing specified data elements in SPARQ to source documentation located in case files for that participant.

To ensure a smooth DV process, SCSEP Grant Administrators and the selected Validator can develop a DV schedule. This year, all grantees must complete their PY 2020 validation by Friday, May 16, 2022.

Validating your program’s data will benefit your program in the long-run. By preforming this step, you can enhance the value of your data and the information you assemble from it.

Download the full Data Validation Resource Page using the link to the left.

After reviewing the DV Handbook, grantees should email any policy questions to their Federal Project Officer and copy their National Office Liaison. For technical questions about the DV process, please contact SCSEP Help at https://scsephelp.zendesk.com/.