This guide has been put together to make sure grantees know who to contact in each particular situation. 

Please reference the Related Content located on the left hand side of this page to view the current grantees, Federal Project Officers (FPOs) and National Office Liaisons (NOLs) contact lists. These documents are updated regularly, so please bookmark this page.

The Older Workers Unit (OWU) has implemented a SCSEP Technical Assistance Support Desk (TASD) that will provide comprehensive technical assistance to SCSEP grantees, regional FPO, and other SCSEP stakeholders. Download the document titled SCSEP TA Support Desk Instructions located under Related Content to the left. The TASD will enable the SCSEP Program Office to effectively and efficiently provide technical support to grantees and regional offices in a timely, accurate, and consistent manner.


The list below is a guide on who should be contacted in each of the following situations

  • General and/or Policy Questions - Email your FPO, copying and  
  • To submit Training Requests - Email your FPO any training requests you have. Your FPO will work with the National Office staff to address your training needs.
  • To Submit Contact and/or Address Changes - Email your FPO, copying Please note that the Signatory and Address Changes require a formal modification change.


If you are unsure who to contact, reach out to for guidance.