Introducing Ms. Ethel Gary - #IAMSCSEP!

Ms. Gary enrolled into SCSEP in January 2016. She had just started seeking employment after a long illness. Before she became ill, she moved to Brewton Alabama from Atlanta Georgia. Because Brewton and surrounding areas have very low employment prospects, Ms. Gary could not find employment. She was told about the South Alabama Regional Planning Commission’s (SARPC) SCSEP program through the State of Alabama. She enrolled into that program and trained at the Escambia County Alabama Health Department as a receptionist. Ms. Gary became ill and had to exit the program.

After somewhat regaining her health, she began looking for permanent employment but unsuccessfully. Her illness had left her partially disabled. Ms. Gary attempted to return to SARPC to receive assistance in finding employment, but their slots were full. She learned about the Goodwill Easterseals of the Gulf Coast’s (GESGC) SCSEP program and contacted that office for services. The slots were filled in her area, but she was placed on a waiting list. After a few months of unsuccessful job searching, Ms. Gary received a call from the GESGC SCSEP program to come in for an intake.

Ms. Gary presented an impressive resume that showed great experience in office administration and health care. She was assigned to the Alabama Department of Human Resources where she ran into some personality conflicts. Ms. Gary was assigned to several other agencies to improve and update her office skills. Her final assignment was at a Senior Center where she fell in love with the people who were being served and they loved her also.  Ms. Gary never stopped seeking permanent employment - networked with the Alabama Career Center (AJC), SCSEP staff, and by word of mouth. She had many interviews, but was not hired.  Finally, Ms. Gary spoke with a gentleman who owns a home care service for seniors. He was very interested in her skills. After checking her background he hired Ms. Gary at the number of hours she desired (22 per week) and at a satisfactory wage of $9 per hour.  #OAM2018