PY 2016 SCSEP Minority Report Volume II Preliminary

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The  PY 2016 Minority Report Volume II Preliminary is the complete Volume II with both the participation and outcomes tables that SCSEP grantees will need for their grant application narrative.

The attachment is marked “preliminary” because it is being released without Volume I, which contains the data and analysis at the nationwide level; we do not expect the data in the attachment to change. Grantees do not need Volume I for their narrative. The draft instructions below offer guidance for drafting the grant application narrative. 


Here are draft instructions for the PY 2016 Minority Report narrative:

The minority report does not have participation and enrollment data for three overseas territories and the U.S. Virgin Islands; these four grantees will answer the questions about their outcomes only. All other grantees must describe efforts to serve individuals from minority populations, as well as any disparities in outcomes achieved by those individuals.


Using the PY 2016 SCSEP Minority Report, as well as SPARQ and InfoSPACE data for PY 2017, grantees must describe:

(a)   Any significant disparities in enrollment levels or outcomes for minority individuals identified in the PY 2016 report, the extent to which those disparities existed in prior years, and the extent to which they continue to exist in PY 2017;

(b)   The factors that may have caused these disparities in enrollment and outcomes; and

(c)   The steps the grantee has taken and will take to address any under-service to or disparities in outcomes for minorities


If you have any questions please contact your FPO and NOL.    


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