2015 SCSEP Minority Report

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The PY 2015 Minority Report can be downloaded here. This report contains the data that you will need to complete the program narrative on service to minorities that is part of your PY 2017 grant application as set forth in the TEGL on the PY 2017 Grant Plan Instructions. Although this TEGL is still in clearance, grantees may wish to begin analyzing their Minority Report data now so they are prepared to answer the questions that have been asked in prior years:

  • What do the PY 2015 Minority Report data show about your enrollment of minorities and the outcomes they have achieved?
    • How do these data differ from the PY 2014 results?
    • Do your Q3 PY 2016 YTD enrollment data in Section D of the QPR show any change from the PY 2015 Minority Report participation data? 
    • Do your Q2 PY 2016 YTD (or Q3 PY 2016, if available) InfoSPACE Dimensional Analysis data for the three Common Measures show any change from the PY 2015 Minority Report outcome data? 
  • What factors have caused or explain the level of performance in the PY 2015 Minority Report and the changes from PY 2014 and/or PY 2016?
  • What steps are you taking to address any disparities in enrollment or outcomes identified in the Minority Report?
    • What actions that you took in response to the PY 2014 Minority Report have been successful? 
    • What actions have not worked as expected?
    • What additional actions will you take in the remainder of this year and during PY 2017?

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