The SCSEP Data Collection Handbook contains guides to the OMB approved SCSEP forms. The data elements contained in the four hard copy forms must be reported for all participants in the specified format regardless of whether a grantee uses the SCSEP Web Data Collection System (WebDCS or WDCS).


Following the format of the hard copy forms, data elements that are optional are shaded in gray. Unshaded fields are required in that they must be completed if appropriate. The guides, which follow the order of the forms, provide descriptions of the data elements, explanations of how best to capture and record the required information, and discussions of how the data elements relate to the SCSEP performance measures. Some of the descriptions and explanations contain additional comments. These comments do not always pertain directly to completing the data field but will give the user a fuller understanding of the data element. Therefore, all grantees and sub-grantees, including those that are using their own data collection systems, will need to be familiar with and follow the information in this Handbook