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The Day After NEOWW...


Author: Christine Shelton

Created On: 10/2/2017 6:52:12 PM

The official week may be over but the philosophy behind “National Employ Older Workers Week” continues.  Let’s keep the NEOWW momentum going by continuing to educate employers about the benefits of enhancing their business with the experience and knowledge that older workers bring to today’s workforce. We are still anxious to hear from you and learn about your activities. This is your opportunity to toot your horn by and sharing your stories and pictures with us and the great things that happened in your community.

  • Share the feedback you received from employers, participants and the community. Was the NEOWW poster “the talk of the town or a one hit wonder?” 

  • How did your community get involved with NEOWW? 

  • Were employers apart of your activities?  

  • It’s never too early to start thinking about next year - do you have any ideas brewing for NEOWW 2018?