The current demand for labor is at the highest point it has been in many years. To meet this demand, businesses are offering a variety of hiring incentives to attract workers. An article recently published by explores the different ways that older workers are uniquely suited to fill that void.   

To meet this need, businesses should take a second look at hiring older workers. Older workers span many different types of occupations and professions including sales, management, service, transportation, construction, maintenance and more. And beyond the wealth of experience they can bring to a position, they can contribute to the success of a business in a variety of ways.
Hiring older workers also brings intergenerational diversity to a business. That diversity brings a range of views, skills and approaches that can be helpful in solving problems and brainstorming and may increase productivity. As an added bonus, older workers statistically have less turnover than their younger counterparts. Employee retention can be critical, especially for small businesses that have limited resources for recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new employees.
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