As Summer begins and older workers are heading back to work, so are the sophisticated scam operations who are looking to take advantage of this vulnerable population.

The last year has been difficult for older workers. Beyond the physical and mental difficulties as well as isolation from family, this demographic is being targeted by individuals and organizations who are specifically using older workers’ desire to get back to work as leverage in an attempt to defraud them.

But there is a vaccine against this type of fraud, and it is information. The more information that older workers can have about how these schemes work, the more prepared they will be to stop fraud before it starts. There are a number of resources available to SCSEP participants that make this information available. For example, the AARP Bulletin has a recurring “Fraud Watch” article by Mark Fetterhoff. If you have access to the print edition, May featured an article titled: “Navigating Work and Job Frauds”. Your state AARP may have additional information that is relevant to your participants working in that state. (As an example, here are some tips from Colorado: Unemployment Fraud (

There are many resources out there to arm older workers with the information they need to recognize a scam operation before they become a victim. We have included some additional links to a few more resources below, but if you have a resource that would be beneficial for all SCSEP participants, please send a link to and if it is applicable we can add it to the Older Workers COP as well.


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