SCSEP Grantees and the Older Workers Unit are excited to kick off the new Peer-to-Peer event series on January 27th at 2:00 pm EST.  

The SCSEP Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Workgroup is a collaborative workgroup of SCSEP grantees and the Older Workers Unit team that will collectively address the challenges grantees are facing that hinder their ability to operate a traditional SCSEP service delivery model.  The mission of this P2P Workgroup is to support grantees during the global pandemic and provide a platform for peer sharing solutions to issues affecting the grantees’ successful training and placement of older workers while protecting their more vulnerable health.

Throughout the P2P series of 5 sessions, grantees will be able to access helpful documents on the new Peer-to-Peer Resource page on the Older Workers Community of Practice.
SCSEP Grantee Peer-to-Peer Resources

After each session, any resources shared in the session, as well as aggregated notes, will be posted to the resource page.  Additional relevant materials from grantees will be added as provided.  If you plan to participate in the P2P and haven’t already submitted your grantee profile to, the profile template is available on the P2P resource page.  And if you’re interested in future participation in the P2P events and have not yet indicated your interest, please send a message to the SCSEP Technical Assistance mailbox at

If you will be joining us for the P2P, we hope that you will come prepared to share.  This event will only be as good as you and your peers make it!