The holidays are the best time to search for a job.


While other applicants are taking it easy, realize that there are employers who are posting jobs and are ready to hire new employees. There are new projects for the New Year grants and contracts to be fulfilled, all needing employees with specific skills and knowledge. To jumpstart productivity in the New Year, employers are planning ahead and looking to align with compatible candidates.

Timing for interviews are more flexible during the holidays. There is less competition because most candidates are taking a break from applying. At a time of year when business may be sluggish, employers also look towards completing more hopeful tasks such as replenishing their staff. There is nothing better than an employer with an optimistic attitude about the future, so this is the time for a job seeker to strike.

The most fun aspect of a job search during the holidays are the networking opportunities. The social events are rapid during this time of year. There will be opportunities to mingle in new circles and pitch. The holidays are also a great time to reestablish connections. The well wishes and family updates can also serve as a gateway leading to conversations of prosperity and employment.

To best help Older Workers with a productive job search over the holidays, here is the perfect recipe for an Older Worker’s Job Search Preparation Stew.

  • 2 cups of Updated resumes. Incorporating your favorite job description notes to your Work Experience section of your resume. Help your resume to reflect the job description of which you are applying.
  • A pinch of Social media presentation updates. Help your social media to reflect the culture of the organizations that you want to join.
  • 3 table spoons of Refreshing your references. Check in with them to stay a fresh positive memory in their minds and update their contact information.
  • Simmer for 3 hours Following up with employers after applying. A phone call or an email will help you to stand out among other candidates.
  • A gallon of Positive attitude. If you have practiced a positive outlook up to the point of an interview, then it is most likely that you will be seen as a high vibrational asset to the organization. This is someone who is not only capable of the job, but a pleasure to be around as well.
  • Lastly a sprinkle of Clarity and one bottle of chilled Confidence. Take the time to get clear on the type of job you want. Make sure that your resume reflects this. Hold fast to what you know and all of the skills that you have acquired. You are a seasoned worker and you can utilize all you have learned to land you the job you want.

This holiday recipe will lead Older Workers towards success in their job searching ventures.

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