The 3 Phases of Job Search at a Career Fair.

The job search process can be overwhelming for anyone seeking employment, including Older Workers. A Career Fair is one option that brings opportunities to Older Workers in an engaging way.

At a Career Fair a company’s representative is a captive audience and there are usually many of them to choose from. It’s wonderful to have the attention of a company that is searching for a match. Rather than just submitting a resume, a job seeker should feel that they have more control, so why not optimize the advantage?

Let’s look at the 3 phases of job seeking at Career Fairs

1 Pre-Career Fair - This is the time when an Older Worker has the most influence on a job search outcome. Preparation for a Career Fair builds the momentum needed for the most beneficial use of Career Fair time. Start by research companies and their available jobs. Have copies of your resume printed and readily available. Submit your resume online to a company prior to the Career Fair. Plan out and prioritize the table visits for the jobs that are most wanted. Be proactive.

2 Career Fair - A positive mindset is the most important thing in this phase.  Here is where an impression is made and a job seeker will be remembered or forgotten by the recruiter. To be remembered start with confidence and being present. Focus wholeheartedly on your conversation with the recruiter. Having confidence can be seen as an expression of competence and being present gives an impression of interest. Both strong qualities that helps an Older Worker to stand out. Also dress appropriately for the industry and position to show a belonging. Be present.

3 Post-Career Fair - Now that the event is over and business cards have been collected, it is time to follow up. Always follow up with each employer via e-mail and phone call (if available). The follow up call is the best way to show further interest to stay on the Employer’s radar. In the follow up, state your interest of a meeting/interview and always attach your resume. Be forward thinking and optimistic.

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