Explore ways an Older Worker can create a resume that attracts employers.

Older workers have some of the most creative choices when it comes to writing a resume for employment. The trick is to express capability of fulfilling an employers’ needs and project a good fit, while averting a discriminatory response. Here are some great tips to help older workers with their 2020 resumes.
1. Leave completion dates off the education and certificate sections, unless they are most recent and relevant to the position. Although you may practice and grow in your field, your degree is with you forevermore, but will be seen as irrelevant of your current work knowledge if it is not within a recent decade.
2. Do not use a generic resume. Resumes are plentiful in the world of internet and social media. A generic resume dies in the world of lost data and is swiftly passed over. If you mirror your resume to the keywords and phrases within the job ad, then it is more likely to be selected. Using keywords and phrases will make your resume searchable.
3. Categorize Skills and Experience sections above the Work History section. Place the Work History section at the bottom of the resume and leave out the dates. By the time an employer reads all the wonderful skills and experience you have, they won’t care when you worked at Bell Atlantic. They would only want to interview you and hear how you can contribute to the company.
4. Leave off Social Media, unless it is relative to the position you are applying for. For example, a Social Media Image Company wants to know about your Social Media life, but an accounting firm may not. Leave off salary requirements. If the range of your salary requirement is not compatible to the position, then your resume will be dismissed. Also, it is always a good idea to talk more about money when you know you are in the lead for hiring.
5. Determine an appropriate length for your resume. Summarize using the key words and phrases of the job ad. Lengthy resumes can seem dated. No more than 2 pages usually will suffice.

There are many other ways to make anyone’s resume more desirable to an employer, but the tips above are great to making an older worker’s resume more appealing to employers. See below for a few more resume tips.
• Resume style should be compatible to the position and industry you are applying for. Search resumes for your industry.
• Use key words in headings. For example use “Professional Experience” as a category heading on your resume, consider “Financial Management Experience”.
• Use the same font style, but with different sizes and weight.
• Add specific achievements that show growth, revenue, and profitability.
• Always use standard headers such as summary, skills, experience, and education

For more information on resumes please see 2020 Resumes.

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