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Posted 4/11/2018 5:47 PM by Christine Shelton

Alphabet soup is a metaphor for an abundance of abbreviations or acronyms.  In our day to day work world, we usually spout off acronyms as if everyone is familiar or clearly knows what we are talking or writing about. But in reality, it’s often a meaningless bunch of letters which may result in that typical question or look that says, “What does that mean?”

We certainly have been on both sides of the conversation and either way - it can be frustrating.

With any organization, there is usually a laundry list of terms and acronyms that represent their communication style.  For instance, the Senior Community Services Employment Program and Department of Labor utilize many acronyms such as – SCSEP, DOL, ETA, OAA, FPO, NOO, NOA, DOLETA, WIOA, SPARQ, TEGL, etc. And then we have acronyms for some of our SCSEP grantees such as IID, NCOA, NICOA, A4TD, SSAI, and NOWCC.

Can Alphabet Soup be confusing for some and normal for others? Absolutely!

Also, when writing and using acronyms - write out the full meaning the first time you use it and put the acronym in parentheses.

For us to effectively communicate with our colleagues, partners, and especially with each other, it requires us to learn what’s in the soup mix. So here are some of our frequently used acronyms; so jump in the bowl of Alphabet soup and enjoy!!

DOL and SCSEP Acronyms and Definitions

  1. ACL – Administration for Community Living

  2. AJC – American Job Center

  3. ATSS – Additional Training and Supportive Services

  4. CoP – Community of Practice

  5. CSA – Community Service Assignment

  6. CMS – Case Management System

  7. CSHRs – Community Service Hours

  8. DC – Data Collection

  9. DNPPTA – Division of National Programs, Tools, and Technical Assistance

  10. DOL – Department of Labor

  11. DOLETA – Dept. of Labor Employment and Training Administration

  12. DV – Data Validation

  13. ED – Equitable Distribution

  14. EER – Entered Employment Rate

  15. ETA – Employment and Training Administration

  16. EWFB – Enrollee Wages and Fringe Benefits

  17. FOA – Funding Opportunity Announcement

  18. FPO – Federal Project Officer

  19. FY – Fiscal Year

  20. HA – Host Agency

  21. ICR – Information Collection Request

  22. IDL – Individual Durational Limit

  23. IEP – Individual Employment Plan

  24. IFA – Infrastructure Funding Agreement

  25. IFR – Interim Final Rule

  26. LEP – Limited English Proficiency

  27. MIN – Most In Need

  28. MOU – Memorandum of Understanding

  29. NOA – Notice of Award

  30. NOL – National Office Liaison

  31. NOO- Notice of Obligation

  32. OAA – Older Americans Act

  33. OGM – Office of Grants Management

  34. OJE – On the Job Experience

  35. OPC – Other Programmatic Cost

  36. OSR – Optional Special Requests

  37. OWB – Older Workers Bulletin

  38. OWI – Office Workforce Investment

  39. OWU – Older Worker Unit

  40. PWFB – Participant Wages and Fringe Benefits

  41. PY – Program Year

  42. QNPR – Quarterly Narrative Progress Report

  43. QPR – Quarterly Performance Report

  44. SCSEP – Senior Community Services Employment Program

  45. SL – Service Level

  46. SPARQ – SCSEP Performance and Results QPR System

  47. TA – Technical Assistance

  48. TEGL – Training and Employment Guidance Letter

  49. TEN – Training and Employment Notice

  50. WIA – Workforce Investment Act

  51. WIBS – Workforce Investment Boards

  52. WIOA – Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

SCSEP National Grantee Acronyms

  1. A4TD – Associates for Training and Development, Inc.

  2. ANPPM - Asociacion Nacional Por Personas Mayores

  3. EW – Experience Works

  4. IID - Institute for Indian Development

  5. NAPCA - National Asian Pacific Center on Aging

  6. NCBA – National Caucus and Center on Black Aged

  7. NCOA - National Council on Aging, Inc.

  8. NICOA - National Indian Council on Aging

  9. NOWCC – National Older Worker Career Center

  10. NUL – National Urban League

  11. SSAI – Senior Service America, Inc.

  12. TWP – The WorkPlace

  13. Vantage Services – formerly MS – Mature Services

  14. AARP – American Association of Retired Persons

  15. ES- Easterseals

  16. GII – Goodwill Industries International

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4/27/2018 1:48 PM by Christine Shelton

One of our National Grantees, SER Jobs for Progress National, Inc. shared the meaning of their acronym, "SER." It stands for Service Employment and Redevelopment. Thank you Raúl Santa!

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