Didn’t you just complete and submit our Four-Year SCSEP State Plan?   Where has the time gone?  Now you have to prepare to submit a Two-Year State Plan Modification.


Hmmm, I wonder – do I have to submit a modification?  Why would I have to submit one?   Is there a requirement that I have to do a Two-Year State Plan Modification? 

Before we begin talking about making modifications to the State Plan, we should understand how WIOA is driving this train of coordination and collaboration.  The recently published Interim Final Rule (IFR) supports WIOA integration and the requirements for state planning.  Also, increasing coordination with WIOA is one of the main purposes of the OAA 2016 Amendments.    Grantees and their sub-grantees must make arrangements through the One-Stop delivery system to provide eligible participants and ineligible applicants with referrals to WIOA services.  This provides participants the ability to access other resources and programs offered by other One-Stop partners as negotiated in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). 

The State Plan is intended to foster coordination among the various SCSEP grantees operating within the State and facilitate the efforts of stakeholders, including State and local boards under WIOA, and to work collaboratively through a participatory process to accomplish the SCSEP’s goals. If there were any significant changes within the last two years, you would need to identify which of the following elements were impacted:  Economic Projections and Impact; Service Delivery and Coordination; Location and Population Served, including Equitable Distribution and SCSEP Operations. And, refer back to your four-year State Plan submission and see if you had any “Conditions” attached to your Plan.  If so, then the preparation begins!!!

If you think there were no significant changes between 2016 and 2018, then perhaps this might change your mind.  In 2016, SCSEP went through a major national grant competition.  As a result, there are now 19 national SCSEP grantees, and there was significant movement of SCSEP slots in almost every state.  Some national grantees grew in size, and some were reduced which caused significant movement of SCSEP participants and changes to who operates the SCSEP within your state.  As if that wasn’t enough, in program year 2017, the SCSEP funding allocation was reduced by $34 million, which caused a reduction in authorized positions and changes to equitable distribution across the nation.  Now, these two major occurrences would be considered “significant changes.” Therefore, your 2016 State Plan will need to be modified to address these major changes within your state. 

Reach out and talk with your partners, contact the SCSEP grantees within your state and discuss what SCSEP changes have occurred in the last couple of program years.  This way you can begin to prepare your two-year modification. Remember to obtain the proper signatures and follow your established state procedures for public comment.  For those who submitted a Unified or Combined State Plan in 2016, the submission process has not changed.   You will still be required to submit your Combined State Plan Modification through the www.rsa.ed.gov portal.  If you are submitting a stand-alone State Plan Modification, you will send that directly to grants@scsepdocs@dol.gov. 

The necessary guidance will be available soon – All of the requirements and instructions will be provided in the Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL), so keep a look out for that TEGL to be released soon. Don’t wait for the TEGL to come out – begin prepping and drafting your State Plan modification and get it ready for submission. 

“When you are designing your plan, think not in terms of what you need to do, think in terms of what you need to achieve.”   - T. Jay Taylor