Older Americans Month is an annual event that is held every May, with the purpose of celebrating older Americans and recognizing the essential role they play in our communities and our nation (click here to read more about the 2017 celebration). 

To commemorate this event, we'd like to share the following success story, which was submitted by the State of Massachusetts. It is a perfect example of why we do what we do and shows how the SCSEP program is continuing to make a difference in the lives of older workers. 

Two years ago, SCSEP participant Emma Harris, 66, could no longer continue to keep up with the physical demands of her cashiering job and was out of work. Through her placement at New Direction, a pregnancy and sexual health resource office in North Adams, MA, she has learned to operate office equipment and manage the phone system. Emma has received Word, Excel, and Publisher computer training and is learning to master the database system. Emma has been able to set up group mails, contact lists, and keep office calendars in Outlook and is able to browse various websites, compare prices, and place orders for office supplies.  

Emma assists with organizing the annual fundraising dinner and mailing out donor acknowledgement letters. She also represents New Direction at the North Adams and Pittsfield Street fairs during the summer and fall.  

Emma was offered a permanent placement with New Direction in November of 2016. The Executive Director describes her as self-motivated and not afraid to try different jobs as they are all needed and that overall, Emma is a delight to their clients, their families, and her co-workers.