This is the first in a series of blogs providing grantees with tools for managing individual durational limits (IDL) and preparing participants to transition out of SCSEP once they reach their IDL. This blog provides a brief overview of SCSEP’s IDL policies and implementation strategies.

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) participants are eligible to receive services for a maximum duration of 48 months. Grantees can choose to enact a policy that allows extended service limits through waivers for participants who meet certain requirements.  However, grantees will want to develop tools to help participants who are not able to transition to employment before they reach their Individual Durational Limit (IDL).


Individual Durational Limit OverviewBox with wavers that need to be updated annually When using one of the following Extension Factors to waive an IDL for a participant, you must update your records annually via SCSEP data collection system:  •	Severe disability  •	Frail  •	Old enough and not receiving SS Title II  •	Area with persistent unemployment and are individuals with severely limited employment prospects  •	Limited English proficiency (LEP)(can only count one or the other when using LEP and/or LLS) •	Low Literacy Skills (LLS)(can only count one or the other when using LEP and/or LLS) •	75 or older (system generated so no need for manual update)

IDLs went into effect for SCSEP in 2010. [1] Each grantee is required to establish an IDL policy using one of three IDL options. The three options are:

  • Option 1: No extensions to any participants; all participants exit at 48 months.
  • Option 2: Extensions to every participant who meets one or more of the 7 waiver factors.
  • Option 3: Extensions to every participant who meets a specific subset of the seven waiver factors as specified by grantee's approved policy.

What are the Individual Durational Limit Waiver Factors?

Grantees can extend individual duration for participants if they elect to implement a policy that allows extensions for one or more of the following criteria.

  • Have a severe disability
  • Are frail
  • Are age 75 or older
  • Old enough and not receiving SS Title II
  • Live in an area with persistent unemployment and are individuals with severely limited employment prospects
  • Have limited English proficiency
  • Have low literacy skills

IDL waiver factors must be updated in the year the durational limit is reached in order to validate the extension.

In addition, the IDL clock will stop if a participant is put on an “Approved Break in Participation” or if the participant exits from the program prior to reaching the maximum of 48 months.


Things to Consider About Extending Service Limits

When considering IDL policies, think about the long-term effects of your decision and how your IDL policy will help achieve your program goals. What will extending participation beyond the 48 months in the program achieve for your participants and your SCSEP Grant? Consider this and the following questions as you design and implement your IDL policy.

  • Will your participants be better off if they have another year of eligibility?
  • What can be accomplished in another year that has not been in the last four?
  • What factors are beyond the participant and program’s control?
  • What impact will multiple extensions have on the average project duration?


Implementing Durational Limit Policies and Grantee Responsibilities

IDL preparation should start at the initial assessment and Individual Employment Plan (IEP) development and continue throughout the participant’s tenure in SCSEP. IDL preparation should not wait until the last year, last 6 months, or last 30 days. Preparing the participants for a possible duration of 48 months is critical to their overall success in the program and after. Caseworkers should fast track preparation activities and pro-actively work with SCSEP participants at the very least, a year before they reach their IDL.

The next IDL blog will address how grantees can plan to assist participants who may not transition into employment.

If you have a topic you would like covered about IDLs please send them to me

[1] In September of 2010, 20CFR641 – SCSEP Final Rule was published based on the reauthorization of Older American’s Act of 2006.  (Source: OAA § 518(a) (3) (B); § 641.570).