Throwing Out the Old...Bringing in the New 

We all know how vital our management reports are to help us manage and monitor our performance measures throughout the year.  These reports help us stay informed; keep us on track, and pretty much do the guesswork for us.  Since the changes to our SCSEP performance measures went into effect July 2018, a few significant updates were made to the management reports, and several fields in Web-Data Collection System (WDCS) were removed.


Since the PY17 end-of-year Quarterly Performance Reports (QPRs) were frozen, there has been no further reporting on the old measures (entered employment, average earnings, retention, retention at one year, and volunteerism).  The fields to collect the information for those measures have been removed from WDCS in SPARQ.  


Even though the management reports that apply to those measures still appear in SPARQ, they should not be used!  In other words, just ignore them…as if they do not exist.  See the screen shot below for easy reference. 


Screen shot of SPARQ reports


As you can see, there are five reports that should no longer be used. 


Those reports are:

  • Started Employment but Not Yet Achieved Entered Employment
  • Achieved Entered Employment but Not Yet Achieved Retention
  • Pending
  • Pending, Displayed by Quarter
  • Volunteerism Follow-Up


On the other hand - There are two management reports that should be used for Employment Rate and Median Earnings:

  • PY 2018 Pending
  • Preliminary Employment Rate/Median Earnings


The PY 2018 Pending report should be used to ensure that all necessary follow-ups are being conducted. This report is sorted alphabetically. You can create a list sorted by the date on which follow-ups are due by exporting and then sort in Excel. 


If you need help with exporting and sorting the report, you can contact SCSEP Help at  In addition, the Supplement to the Data Collection Handbook is another useful resource for reporting your SCSEP performance measures.