National Employ Older Workers Week (NEOWW) 2020 has come to a close, but the work supporting older employees in our communities continues all year round. 

This year, NEOWW and the work SCSEP grantees are doing is vitally important. Since February, the number of employed workers over the age of 55 has dropped by 7%. The unfortunate reality is that, without any type of support, many of them will never return to the workforce. In the years following 2008, older workers took twice as long as younger workers to find new jobs. As you all know, those over 55 often face discrimination, cuts in wages and, safety concerns that create barriers to employment for the older worker. SCSEP addresses these barriers by providing additional training and work experience to minimize the skills gap and assist older workers in competing in today’s workforce.

Even though NEOWW 2020 has passed, your continued work with the nation’s older workers is needed more than ever. New challenges continue to adversely impact the older worker. Collaborative efforts and viable sustainable options for training and employment must be identified and implemented.

NEOWW is meant to be both a celebration of the older worker and a week to focus on the work that you do. Continue to carry that energy forward and to be a voice for older workers!