Employers across the nation are recognizing the value of Older Workers and are making moves. These employers are being known as Age Smart Employers.

There are many aspects to what employers are doing to hire older workers and make it easier for them to stay with a company. Employers who are soaring in this area are being called Age Smart Employers.

What is an Age Smart Employer?

According to Columbia University’s Columbia Aging Center at the Mailman School of Public Health, Age Smart Employers refer to industries and businesses that are using strategic practices to hire and retain valuable workers over the age of 50. An Age Smart Employer has also been described as “an employer who uses its policies and practices to recruit, engage and retain workforces of all ages, which includes older workers.”-

Listed below are a few qualities and practices that are illuminating the Age Smart Employers of this nation.

20 Qualities and Practices of Age Smart Employers:

1. Intentional about retaining workers. For example, restructuring jobs for less-strenuous ones
2. Encourages workers to keep on learning throughout their lifetime and to keep reinventing themselves. This could include sabbaticals and tuition reimbursement
3. Offers seasonal work
4. Encourages loyalty
5. Maximize the potential of their workers as they age
6. Allows older workers to inspire younger workers. This includes older workers leading by example and mentoring
7. Retains workers restructure jobs for less-strenuous ones
8. Offers job rotation
9. Invites retirees to come back part-time — to train employees and to help out during emergencies Flexible work schedules
10. Offers compressed workweeks
11. Offers expanded or reduced shifts
12. Offers accommodations for workers with physical limitations
13. Allows voluntary demotions
14. Allows job redesign
15. Offers continued education and development
16. Has flexible benefits
17. Has job-sharing opportunities
18. Offers incentives that appeal to older workers, such as longer vacation time
19. Has active recruitment of older workers
20. Offers more part-time positions

Read more about Age Smart Employers in the Forbes article titled “How Age-Smart Employers See the Value of Older Workers” by Richard Eisenberg of Forbes. 

Read more about “Accommodating Older Workers Who Have to Work” by Shari Caudron of Workforce magazine.

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