In 2020, the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) celebrates 55 years of continuing service throughout the United States. In those 55 years, SCSEP has made a difference across our nation in both the lives of the older workers who participate and in the communities in which they live and provide services.

This year is a special celebration since SCSEP will be officially old enough to be a SCSEP participant. Throughout the month, we will be taking a look at the history of the program, how it continues to build on its legacy of lasting service, and what the next 55 years might look like. 

The last full week of September is celebrated as National Employ Older Workers Week (NEOWW).  As part of the 55 year SCSEP celebration, a new poster promoting NEOWW will be released here on the Community of Practice.  And as part of this years’ celebration we will be posting a retrospective of some of the NEOWW posters through the years here on the COP as well. Please join us throughout the month as we celebrate SCSEP building on 55 years of lasting service, and look forward to the next 55 years as well.