SCSEP grantees interested in improving performance reporting are invited to participate in a monthly Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Performance Peer Learning Group hosted by the National Office’s Office of Policy Development and Research team.

The Performance Peer Learning Group will meet monthly from February through May, 2019 using Adobe Connect for 90-minute conference calls. Each discussion will feature subject matter experts and facilitators. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions about performance data, share ideas and engage with their peers.

This invitation has also been sent out to state workforce agency and workforce development staff members who focus on performance reporting (i.e., within policy, programmatic, or MIS context) for formula-funded grant projects, and performance and reporting staff from U.S. DOL/ETA discretionary grantee organizations are also encouraged to participate. Topics will include key performance concepts such as data collection and submission issues, innovative ideas to drive improved data integrity, data collection efficiencies, understanding PIRL data validation requirements, and best approaches for incorporating supplemental wage information.

The goals of the Performance Peer Learning Group include, but are not limited to:

  1. Overcoming reporting data collection and submission issues (i.e., missing, incongruent, inconsistent, and contradictory data) as they relate to specific Participant Individual Record Layout (PIRL) data elements;
  2. Exploring innovative ideas to drive improved data integrity and data collection efficiencies;
  3. Improving understanding of PIRL data validation requirements outlined in guidance and sharing current state data validation approaches; and
  4. Enhancing understanding of the advantages of, and the best approaches for incorporating, supplemental wage information.

If you are interested, please register to participate in the 30-minutes overview call on January 24th to learn more about this Learning Group. Please see the link to the flyer with more information and links to register for the January 24th overview in the Related Content section on the left.

If you have questions or need additional information regarding the Performance Peer Learning Group, please contact Scott Wheeler at