In an effort to provide support to grantees affected by natural disasters, the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) National Office has updated two resources to help grantees navigate the programmatic issues that often occur during natural disasters.


The SCSEP National Disaster FAQs answer important questions such as what types of services grantees can provide to displaced participants and how to continue providing SCSEP services during emergency situations. Additionally, the FederalResources for Disaster Response fact sheet provides information and links to resources and assistance.

For those grantees affected by natural disasters, we hope that your recovery plan has been useful in providing you guidance for continuing operations and providing services during this emergency.  To update us on the impact on your organization, host agencies, and our SCSEP participants reach out to your Federal Project Officer, with a copy to  

You can also update us by posting your status and comments on the Older Workers COP.