WIOA One-Stop Infrastructure Funding Webinar: Part 1

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This is a reminder about the upcoming webinar we mentioned on September’s All Grantee Call which will provide information about one-stop infrastructure funding under WIOA. This is highly relevant for all SCSEP grantees because SCSEP is a mandatory one-stop partner. It is open to the public, but you must have/sign up for a WorkforceGPS account and register. We encourage you to register for the webinar now, as there are limited spots available.  

What’s the webinar about?  

Multi-agency/program-funded infrastructure and other general operational costs are a necessary and required foundation for a one-stop service delivery system. This session will provide an overview of key concepts and terms and will provide foundational knowledge of the local and state funding mechanisms. This will be a pre-recorded session, but DOL anticipates providing additional detail in a Part 2 session later this fall, which will likely include a live Q&A portion.

When is the webinar?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 3pm-4pm EST

How do I register?

  • Sign into your account, or set up an account at: https://www.workforcegps.org/ 
  • Go to events, and look for: WIOA Wednesday: WIOA One-Stop Infrastructure Funding Part 1 
  • Follow registration instructions.

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